5 Health Benefits of Red Grape Wine

Could a glass of red wine a day keep the doctor away? Maybe! Here are some interesting facts about wine you might not have known.

Many believe that a glass of wine a day is a vital part of a balanced diet, while others say that wine is way overrated? So the big question is- Is it good to drink wine every day? Are there any health benefits of drinking red grape wine? Let’s find out.

Red wine has been around for quite some time. Its origins are biblical, its advantages are incredible, and its effects are mystical. It has been an element of social, religious, and cultural gatherings. Monasteries in the Middle Ages assumed that their monks lived longer lives because they drank a moderate amount of wine on a regular basis.

It is still debatable if red wine has any significant health benefits. However, a study conducted by The National Center for Biotechnology Information in 2009 shows that drinking a moderate amount of red wine daily could help avoid a variety of ailments, including heart disease in comparison to other alcoholic beverages. For years, studies have established a link between moderate red wine consumption and good heart health, but it’s crucial to understand what that implies before you start drinking a glass or two every day.

No studies have found a direct relationship between drinking alcohol and better heart health. Rather, research has discovered a link between wine and health benefits such as a lower chance of heart disease fatalities.

Red wines are rich in polyphenols, such as phenolic acids, stilbenes (trans-resveratrol), flavonoids, etc. The polyphenol called resveratrol is one substance in red wine that gained attention for its health benefits. Studies show that Resveratrol acts as the major functional constituent in red wine, which could prevent or slow the progression of a wide variety of illnesses, including cancer, cardiovascular disease and ischemic injuries as well as enhance stress resistance and extend the lifespans of various organisms from yeast to vertebrates.

The following are the potential health benefits of red wine 一

  1. Blood Pressure Control : According to the American Heart Association (AHA), resveratrol, an antioxidant found in red wine, may lower blood pressure and raise HDL (good) cholesterol levels. The polyphenols in red wine are the reason for this positive result. However, it is important to note that drinking too much alcohol can cause high blood pressure and arrhythmia, or an irregular heart rhythm 一 hence moderation is key.
  2. Lowers Cholesterol : Red wine has been shown to lower harmful cholesterol levels in the body. A study found that the high-fibre Tempranillo red grapes used to manufacture specific types of red wine, such as Rioja, lower harmful cholesterol levels.
  3. Heart Health : Many studies over the years have found a correlation between moderate red wine consumption and good heart health. According to a report in the National Center for Biotechnology Information, drinking red wine is associated with a lower risk of coronary heart disease. Red wine polyphenols keep blood arteries flexible, preventing undesired clotting. It should be noted, however, that excessive drinking is harmful to the heart.
  4. Gut Health : A 2012 research conducted by The American journal of clinical nutrition reports that Polyphenols from red wine and grapes can improve the gut microbiota, contributing to a healthy gut. Red wine compounds may also function as prebiotics, which promotes the growth of healthy gut bacteria. In addition, it could also reduce the risk of heart disease through its effects on the gut microbiome.
  5. Keeps Memory Sharp: When you taste wine, you are triggering a complex series of interplays. The tongue, jaw, throat, and diaphragm, as well as taste and odour receptors, all work together to send signals to the brain, causing serious cognitive work to be performed. Hence, by engaging all your senses, you’re keeping your mind sharp.

There is, however, a thin line between moderate and excessive consumption. According to the Institute of Alcohol Studies, men should limit themselves to two drinks (eight ounces) per day, while women should limit themselves to one drink (four ounces) per day. Health experts advise against starting to drink alcohol if you are a non-drinker. Excessive alcohol use can lead to alcoholism, liver cirrhosis, and weight gain. It may also increase the chances of depression, sickness, and death.

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